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>>> with us this hour, congressman, chris van hollen and james clyburn. >>> the wave of unrest impact on israel about israeli defense minister, edward barak. >>> the power lines at theรง crippled nuear site in japan, the power has been restored. they warn it will take days and weeks before they can turn it on. >>> tim pawlenty explores a run in 2012. >>> four former president's together honors one, a rare washington tribute to bush. >>> they are trying to extend the no-fly zone west towards tripoli. jim maceda is live in the libyan capital. bring us up to date as to what happened overnight and this morning. >> reporter: well, yeah, there are a lot of moving parts right now, andrea. first of all, a little more detail on the f-15 crash. that occurred 24 miles east of benghazi. the two pilots are now in safe u.s. hands. that is a rebel controlled part of the country. all of the loyalists or the forces loyal to the regime pulled back from benghazi when the air strike started two days ago and are now about the new front line is about 80 miles south of benghazi. the plane shall as y
tomorrow at the earliest. the spnk giving military families the okay to leave major u.s. bases across japan. that order covers more than 40,000 people there. in addition, the u.s. is sending potassium iodide into the country in case people want to use it. and as a precaution, homeland secretary janet napolitano says all passengers and cargo from japan will now be screened for radiation in an abundance of caution. let's get to the white house briefing now. press secretary jay carney joined by gregory jaczko of the nuclear regulatory commission in this country. let's listen. >> -- sent over to support them in their efforts has arrived on a c-17. we sent a team of 33 additional people, which were added to the six people we already had out there in japan. they had over 17,000 pounds of equipment with them. they've unpacked that. they've actually taken the two pods that do the aerial measurement of ground depositions, mounted them, one on a fixed wing aircraft, one on a helicopter. and we flew those aircraft on their first missions. we have been collecting information as they've come back when t
, and other u.s. officials and more pressure today from john mccain about what the military options might be. mccain now joining john kerry and others, calling for a no-fly zone and pushback from the pentagon, despite denials, i know, that the pentagon spokesman was on your show earlier at 9:00, saying that there has been no pushback. but certainly, what we've seen from secretary gates and the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mullen, is emphasizing all of the drawbacks to getting involved militarily there. chuck? >> well, you laid it out very well there, andrea. secretary gates yesterday, in referring to the no-fly -- the talk about the no-fly zone as loose talk certainly created the impression that there was somehow a little bit of a disconnect between the state department and the pentagon, about what is next, how serious is this idea for a no-fly done. so clearly, that's one of the questions that's going to be directed at the president later today. now, let's be careful, by the way, not to call this a press conference. they are only saying one question, for, quote, each side. >> one!
afghans want us here, we are prepared to contemplate that. with us this hour, former national security adviser, steve hadley. plus, are congressional republicans enflames prejudice against american muslims? peter king has scheduled hearings this week. critics say it's a political witch hunt. >>> all roads to 2012 run through new hampshire. mitt romney took a test this weekend. we'll have the results. plus, we'll talk budget battles and the impact on education with pat quinn. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. the civil war in libya is escalating as forces are launching fresh air strikes against rebels. here in washington, pressure is growing on president obama for a more aggressive military response, putting the white house and top senators at odds. >> and i think we need to do several things. one, prepare a no fly zone in conjunction with our allies, not empment it. i would only consider if gadhafi himself were using it as a means of terror, as a means of massacring large numbers of civilians. >> lots of people throw around phrases of no flow zone and talk about it
to drop water via helicopter were scrapped due to high levels of radiation. >>> also, members of the u.s. military have now been ordered to stay at least 50 miles away from the plant unless they have special authorization. the evacuation zone for japanese civilians is just over ten miles. >>> and the european union's energy chief said today the site is effectively out of control and suggested things may get catastrophically worse very soon. on capitol hill today, energy secretary steven chu said it's the worst nuclear disaster in a generation. >> i think the events unfolding in japan incidents actually appear to be more serious than three mile island. to what extent we don't really know now. and so as they're unfolding very rapidly on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis and there are conflicting reports, so we don't really know in detail what's happening. >>> amazing admission from the energy secretary. also president obama is reviewing u.s. assistance for japan and will meet with u.said at 1:30 this afternoon. >>> overseas andrea is traveling with secretary of state clinton and covered it
about the lack of air support from nato. as the u.s. and its allies consider whether or not to arm the ragtag opposition forces. providing arms could also mean sending in military trainers that would expand america's involvement even as president obama told brian williams that the u.s. has already accomplished its goals. >> now what we have done is accomplish what we set out to do at the outset, which is to make sure benghazi was not overrun and that thousands potentially of people were not killed. what we have also done is put gadhafi back on his heels. >> brian williams, of course, is the anchor and managing editor of "nbc nightly news" and joins me now. >> sometimes it is nightly noise. >> and most recently there is a lot of nightly concern about what is happening in libya what is happening with the rebels. you asked the key question. and asked whether or not we should be arming the rebels. let's look at part of that exchange. >> with all due respect, mr. president, watching the reportings of our two correspondents in libya, what it appears the rebels need is military equipment.
to the united states joining us. >>> in japan, new concerns today about contaminated sea water and now highly toxic plutonium has been found near the fukushima plant. >>> and remembering geraldine ferraro. a woman who tried to change the course of presidential election history. the man who chose her for the ticket in 1984, former vice president walter mondale joining us. >>> and president obama will address the nation tonight on libya, trying to explain the mission and the goals as nato takes command of the military operation. nbc news chief white house correspondent and co-host of "the daily rundown" chuck todd live at the white house. chuck, what are they explaining about how the president will make the case tonight? >> reporter: they're not explaining a lot, you know, in terms of public comments. we had an off-camera briefing with the deputy national security adviser and it began with i'm not going to say anything about the speech and about what the president is going to say or preview the remarks in any way. needless to say in talking with officials behind the scenes, they're saying that
jansing is live for us in tokyo with latest. chris, there are concerns about this nuclear catastrophe now. what are you hearing is the latest? >> reporter: well, where you are in washington there's a very well-respected nuclear watchdog group that concurs not only that this is worse nan three mile island, but they say the situation has worsened considerableab considerablely and they believe it can reach a 7, equal to chernobyl. that depends on a lot of approximate ifs, but there is no doubt this is a fast wostrsenin crisis and there are 50 works on site who basically stand between themselves and what could be a full meltdown of that facility. what nare trying to avoid. in fact, there's talk they will call in the u.s. and japanese military to do some water drops on that reactor 4 in hopes of averting a catastrophe. we have also been told by the u.s. military they are confirming that they have given potassium iodine tablets to some members of the navy who, in fact, have been flying humanitarian missions. we've seen lines of people who live in that devastated area who are getting checked for
committee, senator richard lugar, joining us. and senator jim webb. flash point yemen. three top generals change sides calling for the president's oyster. and the situation of the japan's crippled nu crippled nuke chenuclear plantse availablize ie izstabilizing. >>> we begin in libya. u.s. says coalition air strikes have established a no fly zone in the east soon to be extendeded to tripoli. richard engel, they say the operation went as well as could be expected. but there are a lot of questions remaining about whether we'll be able to turn this command over to whom and the opposition. how much do we though about the opposition in wlib qua and how do you distinguish between rebel forces and civilians? >> reporter: it's difficult to distinguish from rebel forces and civilians because the rebels until a few days ago or a few weeks ago were mostly civilians and they don't have a cheer leadership, they don't have uniforms. they don't have marked vehicles. and a lot of them are very undisciplined and up frofrnfo l unprofessional. they were trying to see how extensive the air and missile strik
understanding, as well. and how many did we drop? >> 200. >> this hour, susan rice, u.s. ambassador to the united nations, senator joe lieberman. plus, nearly 30 years to the day since white house press secretary james brady was shot during assassination attempt on president ronald reagan. gun control advocates, jim and sarah brady are here for a rare live interview. >> caught fire. shot fire. >> followup, rawhide is okay? good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama says that the u.s. has done its job in libya and is reallyf trade hand over control to nato but tell take longer than he has said. nbc news has learned today that the handover will not be tomorrow, more likely toward the end of the week. meanwhile, secretary of state hillary clinton is at a libya summit in london today. this morning, she met with an envoy to discuss the next steps. >> we cannot and must not attempt to impose our will on the people of libya, but we can and must stand with them as they determine their own destiny. >> today, a top nato commander said that international pressure will li
advisors huddle over u.s. options. how do the revolutions in the middle east affect israel? joining us live in the studio. >> good day. live in washington. the side show is nearly over and then the work agains. the hard work. two test votes scheduled. senate leaders are headed to the white house for a meeting with the president. can they break the stale meat before possible government shut down again next friday. good to see you congressman. thanks so much. another show down here. i think you have a different point of view on that. >> you are right, of course. let me say there were two offers. the president made an offer on what he thought the budget ought to look like. that was the 2011 budget that he submitted. the republicans said we want to cut that $100 billion. we have now offered based upon the same base that the republicans are using. we're comparing apples to apples. the democrats haven't gone at least half way. a little more than half way. after the senate vote we will see what the republican's counter offered to the senate offer is. the bottom line is the american people want to
with us today. >>> whoond are the most influential people on twi f twigger? here's a hint. it's not nothing to do with the followers you have. >>> we begin in libya where a handover of control could happen as early as tomorrow but nato is taking charge of only one part of that mission, enforcing the no-fly zone. as of right now it appears that u.s. warplanes will still lead the more difficult mission, attacking the gadhafi ground forces. nbc's jim maceda is live. and richard engel live from the town offage agefag agfag agfafe . >>> we're getting confirmation three months plus or mys now. obviously there'll be adjustments. that mission should begin early next week. there will be dozens of planes from 28 nato countries including the two arab countries, qatar and the eub. right now nato is going to decide on sunday, no latter than tuesday on those two missions, the no-fly zone patrol obviously but also that they be caring out those air-to-ground strikes or will it keep it the way things are and have that done by the u.s.-led coalition. also the no-fly zones by the gadhafi forces
for the next seven months, to take us to the end of this nfiscal year, it's no way o run a government, week to week, month to month. cooler heads have revealed on the republican side they're not pushing for this $61 billion immediate deep cut which would hurt the economy and throw people out of work at a very fragile moment, but the fact is unless we come together for a longer term plan, we're going to be right back where we are today, two weeks from now, or a month from now. so let's figure out a responsible, not a reckless plan forward. >> well, what about these negotiations, i mean where are you coming together, what are the big dividing lines right now? >> well, in the house today, we're debating a $4 billion cut over a two-week period, the democrats actually proposed an alternative that would cut the same amount, in fact a little bit more, but not cut from the education funds because we believe it short sighted a cut in the area of education. unfortunately, despite all the talk about openness and transparency, we're not even going to be allowed a vote on that alternative approach, agai
of something like what occurred in the balkans in the '90s. part of the situation is for us to have some sort of an alert system if you see defenseless civilians who were being massacred by gadhafi's forces. but obviously we are going to have to look at what develops on the ground on a case by case basis. i don't want to generalize right now and say that's what's happening and we're prepared to step in. it's going to require some judgment calls and those are difficult ones. but we have sent a clear warning to the gadhafi government that they will be held accountable, particularly when it comes to assaulting civilians. and some of the rhetoric that you have seen, for example, the idea that when gadhafi said that they'd be going door to door hunting for people who are participating in protests, you know, that implied a sort of lack of restraint and ruthlessness that i think raises our antenna. but as i said before, what i've got to do is make sure we're monitoring the situation and matching our actions with what we think will be helpful on the ground and also sustainable and we have got to do s
clear. >> the u.s. is not taking seriously libya's call for a cease-fire. that because gadhafi's forces continue to pound rebels today in the key city. >>> four "new york times" journalists missing since tuesday in libya could be released today if libyan officials are to be believed. >>> in japan today, the nuclear crisis is upgraded to level five as authorities try everything to avert a nuclear meltdown. the government now admits it is overwhelmed. >>> plus california lieutenant governor gavin newsom with us on his state's response to the quake and tsunami. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. president obama will be delivering a statement on libya at 2:00 eastern at the white house after meeting with top lawmakers in the situation room. it will be the president's first comments since the u.n. authorized military intervention late last night. france and britain are making plans to send their jets to the region. italy has made its bases available. nato is meeting today in brussels to determine if it will lead any military operations against gadhafi's forces. to
to us here in the united states. the u.s. has 23 plants that have a similar type of design or build to this japanese plant. does that worry you? does that concern you? do we need to update? >> it does worry me. i raised this issue 29 years ago that we should have back-up system in case the containments over pressure, which is what's been happening here, that they had to release gas from the containments to prevent them from exploding. it would be possible to have a robust filtration system that you could vent those containments through. in fact, the french and the swedes have both installed those kind of containments but the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission didn't want to do that. >> frank von hippel, thank you so much. >>> we should point out that president obama this morning was in virginia. he also pledged all of his support to the people of japan. he called the quake and the tsunami survivors, quote, some of our closest friends and allies. john harwood is cnbc's chief washington correspondent and joins us now. i know we're just waiting for the white house briefing to get under
with an attack on libya. to destroy the air defenses. >> with us this hour, senator john kerry, chair of the senate foreign relations committee, and senator joe lieberman who just returned from the middle east. >>> no stalemate in wisconsin, because senate democrats are missing in action. governor walker is calling for more massive cuts. and a new poll shows where the public stands. we have the first exclusive look. >>> and will the nfl players get benched? can the teams avoid a lockout? the latest on the negotiations. >>> and a serious health scare for serena williams. she undergoes treatment after complications after surgery for what doctors call blood clots in her lungs. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. >>> two airmen are dead after a gunman killed them outside of frankfurt. he is a kosovo man who is 21 years old, and they say he opened fire as the bus waited outside of the terminal killing the driver and one passenger. two other military personnel were injured. germanllor angela merkelle is calling it a tragedy. >>> and in libya, for the first time pro gadhafi forces are carryin
'm andrea mitchell live in washington. with cia operatives already in libya, could the u.s. be wading deeper into the civil war there? the rebels say they need weapons and they need training to counteract moammar gadhafi's richard engel reported he saw that firsthand. >> reporter: on the front line, we saw some of the rebels try and fire a mortar without securing it, so it went wildly off in the wrong direction. and i couldn't believe it, we saw them aim a rocket, what we thought at gadhafi's force, but instead it was pointed in the wrong way and went in the opposite direction, toward a civilian city. >> joining me now, virginia democratic senator, jim webb, a member of the senate armed services committee, a member of the foreign relations committee. you know a lot about war. how about shooting it in the wrong direction? we are wading into something -- i mean, it sounds funny, but it's deadly serious, as you know better than anything. >> well, again, it comes back to what is it that we want to accomplish in libya? you and i had a discussion about that last week that the security council auth
. i think it's more than just aviation. i think it's complex. >> with us this hour, direct from today's senate hearing on military options, senator jim webb. >>> plus -- >> we do this to send a clear message to all of you. our women of courage. and to women like you all around the world that you are never alone in your struggle. >> first laid lady michelle obad secretary of state hillary clinton teaming up to mark international women's day as thousands of women across the globe push for gender equality. in egypt today, women's rights marchers are shouted down by chanting men. >> women must be included in whatever process goes forward. we saw women out in force in tahrir square in cairo. they were clearly saying they expected to have a voice and a vote in the future. >>> plus, new york congressman peter king defends his controversial plan to hold a hearing this week on what he calls the radicalization of american muslims. >> i want to show the extent of the radicalization, how it can be noticed, how it can be detected, encourage more muslims to come forward, encourage them to get a mor
ties with syria to use it as a wedge against iran, but we haven't gotten very far yet. but i think there's reason to worry across the arab world. i think in the words of a scholar at the wilson center, aaron david miller, we're seeing an arab winter in parts of the arab world and a spring, hopefully, in a few parts of the arab world. >> let's talk about libya, because as a longtime member of congress, you know these relationships well. the president arrived back in the united states yesterday and was greeted by a letter from the speaker of the house. john boehner writing, i and many other members of the house of representatives are troubled that u.s. military resources were committed to war without clearly defining for the american people, the congress, and our troops what the mission in libya is and what america's role is in achieving that mission. what should the president do now? should he address the nation? should he meet with members of congress? all of the above? >> maybe all of the above. and i think the way boehner handled that letter was very thoughtful. he waited until t
these reforms for the next two years give us the ability to save billions of dollars that ultimately will save anywhere from 10,000 to 12,000 jobs, depending on the local jurisdiction. that's what this bill is about. it's about reform. it's about making sure we can put people to work, we can save jobs and ultimately balance our budget in a way that protects the middle class here in wisconsin. >> nbc's john yang is at the state house in madison. john, this confrontation is only getting more heated, more passionate. is it reaching an end point, though? the climax of this political struggle. >> reporter: reaching a legislative end point. they reopened the house building moments ago. they don't know when they'll begin the session. this bill is headed to the governor's desk for his signature. the fight over this, the protests over this aren't ending. this has become the focal point of protests. more people -- the crowd has been building as the day goes on. a big protest is planned for saturday. michael moore is scheduled to be here. of course, democrats are also talking about going to court. they'r
water containers, blankets, medical supplies as well. >> with us this hour, new york times nicholas kristof who just came back from the relations. >>> plus, signs of life, the u.s. says a retired fbi agent who vanished in iran four years ago is alive somewhere in southwest asia. >>> is mike huk abee channelling dan quayle? >> people see natalie portman or some other hollywood star let who boasts we're having these children and we're doing just fine. it's unfortunate we glamour itz the idea of out of children wedlock. good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. good news on the jobs front. the economy added the most private sector jobs in nearly two years. driving the unemployment rate down to 8.9%. state governments faced with major budget short falls are still laying off workers and 1500 in wisconsin could get pink slips today. steve, a busy day for you. looking behind the numbers, mostly good news in this jobs report. >> pretty good news. 192,000, pretty much what the market expected andrea. and the unemployment rate ticking down a bit of a surprise. a lot of skeptics out th
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)